aussie native craft supplies

Ininti Traders

Ininti traders is a small family business.  We source wild harvested pods and seeds for crafting. We do the hard work of collecting, cleaning, sorting and piercing so you can enjoy making beautiful things. Most items are wild harvested by indigenous families on traditional lands.

Ininti Seeds

Collected out bush by indigenous families then cleaned, sorted. We can pierce the holes for craft use or you can purchase them in their beautiful natural state.  They have a hard outer shell and keep their colour for many, many years.

Quandong, Sandalwood, Mala

We have the red quandong from SA and NT, the blue quandong which is also called Mala from QLD and we have native sandalwood nuts from WA and NT.

Gum Nuts

So much bounty from the many types of gum in Australia. Discover gum nut beauty. Also preserved gumleaves and kurrajong beauty.

DIY Craft Packs

Make your own bush bling or enhance your weaving / macrame / craft projects with these amazing packs.  We do all the hard work for you – sourcing, collecting, cleaning, piercing holes.  Support small eco-friendly traditional practices.

Emu Feathers & Eggs

Emu feathers are unique in that they have two feathers coming from each shaft.  They work really well as earrings, baskets and macrame wall hangings. Emu eggs have been professionally pierced and cleaned by a registered emu farm.

Jewellery & Art

Bush Bling, necklaces, earrings, painted items.  We have all sorts of beauty here for you to be inspired by.

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