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Finke River Mallee (Eucalyptus Sessilis)

Eucalyptus sessilis grows in open shrubland on stony slopes. It is found in the central Northern Territory in an area centred around Alice Springs particularly around Heavitree Gap and scattered through the Finke River Basin. Ernest Giles collected a specimen in 1872 near Hermannsbug. In 1934 William Blake identified it as Eucalyptus Sessilis – which refers to the sessile buds and fruit (attached directly by its base without a stalk or peduncle).

This year the pods have been abundant and several families have collected them.  I love the crazy shapes of these strong woody pods.  While organising the clusters, we have had so many ideas for ways to use them in craft and jewellery making. As they dry, the central section splits into 4 spikes and the most delightful reddish brown seeds and litter pop out.  We have also collected the ‘pod litter’ this season, hoping to find some creative ways to use their textures and colours.

One of the collectors, Kukula, uses them when making bush necklaces.  She told me that there is a rare double pod which is lucky and special.  It is a gift to you if she finds one and includes it on your necklace.



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