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PO BOX 1008,
Mparntwe/Alice Springs, NT 0871

New related business coming in 2024!

Ininti Traders

We are located in Central Australia and purchase ininti seeds from Aboriginal families who collect the seeds out bush.  This enables them to have income for their families and continue a long held traditional practice. We pay a fair price for the hard work of collecting, cleaning and preparing the seeds.

We also sell bush jewellery made by local indigenous artists .

Wholesale prices are available (ABN plus minumum order apply).  Apply – Wholesaler application form online

Bulk items like earrings and necklaces are available for you to stock up your market stall or gift shop.  Contact us to learn more.


Indigenous Artists

Shakira Hillman

Isobel Major

Doreen Driffen

Seed and Gumnut Collectors

Some of our beautiful seed collectors organise family to head out bush and collect gumnuts and ininti seeds for you. They often come back with hilarious stories about old ladies climbing trees to get the perfect bunch of gumnuts and car mishaps needing ‘bush mechanic’ work. The bush is really healing and refreshing – I’m so happy to be the conduit in between collectors and consumers.

Jane’s Story

My grandparents came from Wales and settled in Alice Springs in the 1920’s. Among other things, my grandfather traded ininti seeds and they have always been a part of my life. My turn to trade seeds emerged when I wanted to help a friend sell the ininti seeds she had collected out bush.  The seeds are used for making jewellery and decorations.   Once we started selling them online, we found that people wanted us to pierce and prepare the seeds so that they could create their own designs. So began our mini-business, creating DIY craft packs so people could experience the long time cultural pleasure of making bush jewellery.

The next development occurred when the pandemic hit – suddenly local women, who relied on the income to support their families,  could no longer sell necklaces and jewellery to the local tourist shops. So we tried selling more items online – we started with two indigneous artist; Doreen Driffen who makes beautiful jewellery and Jess Muir who is a painter.

All the ininti seeds are collected by indigenous women (and a few fellas) in Central Australia, as are most of the Quandong seeds and gumnuts.  Our focus is on opening up a creative marketplace for local Australian artisans, both indigenous and non-indigenous, using Australian native seeds and pods.  Our group is small and we are working together from my kitchen table in Alice Springs.  Our prices reflect the amount of hard work and time which is invested into collecting, cleaning, creating, promoting and despatching each product.


Ininti Seed Traders acknowledges the Arrernte people, traditional owners and custodians of Mparntwe, the country on which we live and work, and the traditional owners and custodians of Country throughout Australia. We further acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.