HEADS UP! Orders placed this week from Thu Aug 4 – Wed Aug 10 will be posted on Thursday August 11

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    Marri Red Gum Gumnuts$11.00$154.00
    Bulk Kurrajong Pods$30.00$50.00
    100g Smaller Bloodwood Gumnuts HALF PRICE $40.00
    Bulk 100 Finke River Mallee no holes$50.00
    100 Bloodwood Gumnuts Natural no holes$80.00
    BULK Mixed Seconds - Painted Gumnuts for Threading $80.00
    Bulk Quandong Seeds 500g (approx 200 seeds no holes)$85.00
    Bulk 100 Finke River Mallee 3mm holes$100.00
    Bulk 10 pack DIY Keyring Handbag-bling KITS $130.00
    100 Bloodwood Gumnuts Natural with holes$150.00
    Bulk Quandong Seeds 1kg (approx. 400 seeds no holes)$160.00
    Bulk Buy 10 Keyrings or Handbag Bling$165.00
    BULK BUY - 10 pairs of Earrings $195.00
    Bulk Quandong Seeds 1kg (approx. 400 seeds with holes)$400.00
    500g Ininti Seeds (approx 1000 seeds) NO holes$450.00
    BULK buy 10 gumnut and quandong necklaces $500.00
    1kg Ininti Seeds (approx 2000 seeds) NO holes$800.00
    Bulk Ininti Seeds With Holes 500g Approx 1000 seeds$1,800.00