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Bloodwood gum nuts

Our most prolific gum nuts come from the red bloodwood tree. The size and shape are perfect for decorating and jewellery making.

One of the most underrated plants in Central Australia is Corymbia opaca – Bloodwood.
It is probably most well known for the galls it produces, Bush Coconut, which contain a small grub and white flesh, both are edible.
Bloodwood trees also produce an edible white lerp scale on its leaves which is very high in sugar and starch.

Of all the inland trees, Bloodwood is the most likely to house native bees and their honey, the sought after, sugarbag.

Water can be obtained from its roots and sometimes cavities in the trunk.

Its gum or kino can be used for medicinal purposes to treat eyes, lips and sore throats, or the bark can be burnt and mixed with fat to treat burns.
The red sap from Bloodwood has been used as a tanning agent by Arrente people when making kangaroo skin waterbags