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Bush Necklaces


These bush necklaces by Aboriginal Artists from Ntaria and outstations near Gosse’s Bluff in remote NT feature gumnuts including Bloodwood and Scarlet Gum, ininti seeds and Quandong.

All have been painted with a high level of artistic skill.  The holes have been burnt into the gumnuts which is a dying art.  It is becoming more rare to find necklaces made this way.  They have an amazing aroma of the bush and campfires. Let’s support bush artists and traditional skills.


We are offering a collection of Ininti/Quandong/Gumnut jewellery and painted gumnuts, handmade by Aboriginal women using natural materials. The jewellery-making process involves burning holes into the seeds with a metal wire, a technique that requires patience and skill. While younger people may use more modern techniques, we believe it’s important to preserve these traditional skills and celebrate the incredible work of these talented artisans.

Burning holes into gumnuts, quandong and ininti is a labour intensive practice that is becoming rare due to modern technology such as drills.  Collecting seeds out bush is great for well being and social connection, but also becoming a less popular activity. Burnt designs on gumnuts are very hard to come by these days because of the time and skill involved.  So if you have jewellery with that beautiful aroma of campfire, hang on to it because they are becoming more rare every year.

By purchasing the bush necklaces and painted gumnuts, you’re not only supporting these women and their families, but you’re also helping to preserve this important cultural heritage. It’s a rare opportunity to own a piece of jewellery that tells a story and supports the empowerment of women and the preservation of traditional skills.

Experience the faint aroma of campfire and know that the burnt items were created around a bush campfire with people chatting and experiencing a feeling of well-being.  And of course you can also enjoy the natural unprocessed gumnuts and ininti collected out bush, supporting healthy lifestyles.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Bling JR 01, Bling NR 02, Bling NR 03


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