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The seed pods are boat shaped or you can turn them upside down and they resemble a bird.  Use the pods as decoration or as the basis for cute artwork – add a felt baby doll and use it as a crib.  Or maybe present a pair of earrings.

The fibres from the seeds can cause an allergic reaction or mild itchiness.  These pods have been washed but you may need to wash them again depending on the use.  If you soak them in water they close up again, but put them in the sun for a few hours and they open back up.

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More about the Kurrajong and it’s seeds

The fruit is a woody, boat-shaped pod, about
7 cm long, which is at first green but ripens black,
splitting down one side to release about 20 yellow
hairy seeds. The hairs on the seeds can cause
intense irritation to sensitive skin.

Historically, the fibre of the bark was used by
Aborigines for making cordage and nets, while
early explorers and settlers roasted and ground the
seeds to make a pleasant beverage.

Kurrajong seeds can be roasted and eaten (note it should be cooked in one way or another before eating); Aboriginal people roasted & ground the seeds and used it to make cakes. It was also used as a flour-extender. It is quite a useful, sustainable food source, as the seeds remain in their pods a long time, and stay good for a year or more whilst in the pod. Simply pick what you need and leave the rest on the tree. Possibly for the birds, things are always better shared 🙂

Ground-up seeds can also be brewed into a coffee substitute, which is described as having more of a mocha-taste, rather than a true coffee taste.

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